What is “New Age Music”, or what is Tulsa Read’s “New Age Music”? My CD sounds more like a soundtrack album to a movie, that has a blend of various instrumental musical styles woven together that can take the listener on an imaginary visual trip of the mind. “New Age Music” can be instrumental, and it can have vocals added to it. It can be all electronic, or traditional acoustic musical instruments or both combined together. When I compose a song, I visualize a picture in my mind at the same time. What I visualize, might be completely different than what another person would visualize as they listen to my songs. My music is influenced by various foreign countries, besides various styles of American music. My songs consist of traditional acoustic instruments, along with the sounds of electronic synthesizers, combined with computers and software. I play various percussion instruments, keyboards, slide guitar, xylophone, vibraphone and harmonicas.          

My musical influences for composing my songs probably would go back as far as my teenage years during the 1960’s from listening to percussionists and composers of various Latin styles of music, like: Tito Puente; Machito; Mongo Santamaria; Antonio Carlos Jobin and Carlos Santana. I also listened to an African percussionist and composer that was an early influence for myself, and for Carlos Santana, named Olatunji. Well known American Jazz drummers were always a favorite for me to learn from to play the drums. People like, Buddy Rich; Art Blakey; Gene Krupa; Max Roach; Louis Bellson and Tony Williams. I can’t forget to mention some of my favorite Rock drummers like, Phil Collins; Bill Bruford and Carl Palmer. Besides listening to various forms of American music these days, I also listen to traditional and non-traditional music from Thailand; Laos; Japan and China.

I first got involved with listening to the sounds of “Electronic Music” and “Progressive Rock Music”, back in late 1960’s. I started in 1970 using the Putney VCS3 Synthesizer, and later on I switched to Roland and Korg Synthesizers. I would listen to composers like Walter Carlos, now known as Wendy Carlos; Morton Subotnick; Robert Moog; Beaver & Krause; Tangerine Dream; Silver Apples; Roger Powell; Jean-Michel Jarre; Kitaro; and Progressive Rock bands like, King Crimson; ELO; Emerson, Lake & Palmer; Asia; Genesis; Yes; Renaissance; Nektar; Pink Floyd; Soft Machine and presently a band from Europe called, Ozric Tentacles.

I like to listen to other musical artists that are from other countries that perform on string instruments, like the Twelve Girl Band; Bond; Vanessa Mae and Nigel Kennedy. I have always been fascinated with “World Music”, and the sounds of  “Machinery” and of “Nature” to be a part of my musical compositions. My symphonic music was inspired by Classical composers, Richard Strauss and Richard Wagner.                                                                       

I have kept my harmonica performances off of this CD album, for the fact that I have developed a large part of my musical reputation through the world of the harmonica, as an educator; performer and as a respiratory therapist utilizing the harmonica for lung and heart disorders. This CD will represent other sides of my musical personalities. To find out more about my musical biography, please log onto my other web site:  www.harmonicaonline.com.

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